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We strive to offer the highest level of rehabilitation care through state-of-the-art and ever-improving practices.
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mission statement

Mission Statement:

Rebuilding lives through hope, compassion and a dedication to excellence.

Vision Statement:

To be the preferred and most trusted provider and partner for all rehabilitation needs in the Northeast.

Philosophy of Patient Care:

Offer services and programs that are guided by a commitment to our Service Pledge and our core values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, trust and respect.

Through partnerships with patients, families and each other, promote a healthy, healing environment where patient-family centered care and evidence based practice makes Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network the best place for patients and families.

Maintain an atmosphere conducive to healing, recovery, and wellness that is grounded in the core concepts of patient and family centered care:

  • Dignity & respect
  • Information sharing
  • Participation
  • Collaboration

Develop a work force supportive of patients and families that support quality of care, safety and patient satisfaction.

Educate employees on patient family centered concepts and hold them accountable to do what is best for patients and families.

Develop and strengthen partnerships within the community that are congruent with our philosophy to promote health, wellness and prevention.

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