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Flossie and Al Obie

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"Every day, I'd come in and she was that much better. She came out of there with a positive attitude, and it's because of this place and the people." - Al Obie

Flossie: When they told me they were moving me to rehab, I told them that if they could get me there, I would work very hard to get home. In that 17 days, I could see a big difference in my attitude, my physical wellbeing, and I owe a lot of that to the staff. Their support was unbelievable.

Al: We knew she was in a hospital, but they didn't treat us that way. They treated us like guests. I used to look forward to coming here to see my wife - the atmostphere was so friendly. I was greeted with "Mr. Obie, how are you this afternoon?" Being from Lowell, the visiting was easy - a short trip. Driving up that first day, I almost couldn't believe that there was a hospital there, as it seems to be off the beaten track. But once I got there, I liked it. It's a quite comfortable place without loud traffic zooming by. It's a quiet comfortable place...

Flossie: It was almost like a resort area - with all the trees around. I saw my first snowfall of the season from there.

And I couldn't have asked for nicer people to take care of me. From the nursing staff to the therapists, everyone was so patient and considerate of my needs. If I needed my space, I was given it. If I needed a shoulder to cry on, there was one there.

Everyone was so patient with me. They had a lot to teach me so that I could go home. There was no rush, rush, rush. They were so patient with me and I couldn't believe it. There were a great motivation to reach goals, because you wanted to get better just to make them proud of you.

They are really there for you 100%. You can ask anyone anything and they're there to answer you. They always took time to explain things, so that you understand what they're saying without using big, long words. I thought that was very nice.

My case manager, Mary Gayle, was such a sweetheart. Sometimes it seemed as if she went out of her way to make things go the way they should go for me. She was really fantastic; if there was anything I wanted to know, I could go to her.

One thing that impressed me was that we were introduced to the homecare nurses and equipment providers before we went home, so that we didn't feel as if strangers were coming to our door.

At first I was very anxious to go home, and I wanted everything so quickly. They made me realize that you couldn't rush what I had been through, that I had to take the time. They worked me through this. They all helped me come as far as I did during my stay.

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