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Karen Bergeron

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"My mother always came out stronger, healthier, and mentally happier."

Out of a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this place a 100. My mother's needs were met and she came out so much better than before the stroke. I am very passionate about Northeast Rehab Hospital. It was a very wonderful, positive experience. The care my mother got and the rehabilitation that they were able to do was just astounding. They took my mother, a person that was paralyzed and not able to speak, and in only about 3 weeks, she came out of there walking with a walker and talking.

The drive from Dracut to Northeast Rehab would only take about a half hour and we visited every day. They encouraged us to come at different times, so we got to see the interactions. We got to see the care my mother got. We got to see them encourage her.

Your physical therapists were fabulous. The therapists didn't let my mother quit. They didn't let her stop. My mother, in all honesty, would be the type to say "You don't know what I'm going through, you don't understand." They would say "Nope, I do know what you are going through and it's because I care you are going to do it one more time. Let's go." All right! They would joke with her and that's what got her mental state ready to approach the work again. She got stronger and she saw that.

What I loved was that she had to be up and dressed, I think it was around 6 a.m. She had to be up and dressed and get ready for breakfast, which was phenomenal. If she just stayed in her pajamas or a Johnny gown when she went to therapy she wouldn't have been thinking of getting better because she would feel sick. I think that by getting dressed, she felt ready to fight the world. That's what they did - they really encouraged that.

One thing I was shocked by and happy about was that they would not release my mother into my father's care until he proved to them that he could take care of her. The therapist went out with my mom and dad to a restaurant and they ate, but my father had to take my mother to the ladies restroom with the therapist. She didn't say anything. She just watched him. He had to go to the waitress and say 'I need to take my wife to the ladies' room. Could you please check to see that it's empty?' The waitress would do that and he would take her in. He had to do that to show he could take her out in public. This was hard for him but he did it. They came to the home also. They came out to check out if everything was wheelchair accessible, went through every part of the house to see that my mother could function. I was really impressed. Once home, she went to outpatient therapy.

She got phenomenal care. This is the only place I would ever send a loved one.

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