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Luz Rivera

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"Give them a try - I'm sure you won't regret having chosen this place."

"After my first stroke, I was telling doctors that I knew I could walk. They told me that I had choices where to go for rehab, and as soon as I read the brochure for Northeast Rehab, I knew that was where I wanted to go. After I made my decision, an aide at the hospital told me that his mother had been there and it was a wonderful place and she was well taken care of. He told me 'Congratulations! You've made a good choice!"

When I got there I noticed how much everyone loved doing their job. I've worked at another hospital before and noticed that people were obviously doing their job without much satisfaction. But at Northeast Rehab, everyone takes pride in what they are doing. It's almost like they're saying, 'I'm proud to be here. I'm glad to help you. You're not a bother to us." It's a great "family" atmosphere.

I felt so connected to everyone, I felt as if the doctors and the therapists were my own personal staff! I saw my doctor every day, and if I had questions, he was there to answer them right away. The same with my case manager. All I had to say was that I wanted to see Pat, and she was there!

My physical and occupational therapists were very encouraging. I made good connections with all my therapists. I was always greeted with a smile and a 'Let's go!' They motivated and challenged me. We would laugh all the way through therapy because I would joke about how hard they pushed us. But they weren't pushing us harder than we could handle. They would always ask to be sure I was comfortable. I liked the challenge because I was looking forward to doing more and more.

I had heard about recreational therapy, and when I asked, they sent over someone to talk with me about it. They took me to the mall! When you have a stroke, you need to build your confidence in being around people in public. It can be scary. Going to the mall helped with the adjustment and helped me build the confidence to go home.

An I must say that the food there was wonderful - breakfast, lunch and dinner - it made me feel like a queen. My children would ask if I wanted food from the outside and I would tell them, 'No, I'm all set - I like the food here - it's excellent!'

My family, being in Lowell, had no problem coming up to visit me. They knew that I had chosen someplace that made me happy and that motivated me. They saw the improvements, and were very happy that I chose Northeast Rehab."

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