About Us: Testimonials

Wayne Beers

“Not a place in 100 of miles could compete with this place. The people here all mean the world to me. They are the top of the list."

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Sandra Hodsdon

“Perfection the level of competency by the staff is off the charts.”

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Larry Moore

“They are all very dependable here. I always felt secure and safe.”

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Vinnie Parolisi

“Fantastic staff, always helping the patient and one another.”

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Diane Whalen

“I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. This was a great bridge between the hospital and home.”

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Jeanne Ferland

“I would refer my closest and dearest friends and family to Northeast Rehab.”

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John Bell

“NRH provides EXCEPTIONAL care!”

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Virginia Fleming

“I’ve never seen a team like this. They treat you like family."

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Barbara Perkins

“Most efficient place I’ve ever been, I’ve learn to always pay attention to what I’m doing. I’ll be back after my surgery.”

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Holly MacCleery

"If I can overcome all these obstacles anyone can. I couldn’t have gotten this far without the NRHN team.”

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John Hippern

"I know I’ve come to the right place this time”

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Peter Flanders

“I can’t imagine getting the care I had here anywhere else. Everyone was amazing.”

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Arthur Demers

“I can tell they all really care and I will be forever indebted to them all.”

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Bill Wojtkowski

“Everyone here was great, they were more than caring.”

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Louis Maynard

"I’m returning to a normal way of life thanks to NRH."

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Arthur McGuire

"Staff here are my super heroes and I would recommend this rehab to anyone."

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Donna Szczechowicz

"The therapists were caring but know how to push their patients for results."

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Edward Felumero

"It’s hard to leave because you get very connected to the staff. Everyone was spectacular."

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Evelyn Brown

"Everyone here gets an A+ and treated me like an angel."

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James Zaniboni

"You can’t teach the level of compassion they showed me. They always went above and beyond."

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Jim Fritchy

"From day one until the day I left I was treated so well... everyone here is so terrific."

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John McCarter

"It was not just a job for the nurses and therapists; they all really show how much they care about you and your recovery."

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Karen Johnson

"I thought at times I would give in to despair, but with the encouragement, kindness and understanding of all the nurses and therapists I was able to regain my independence. "

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Kate Kennedy

"You have to do this!"

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Lois Hall

"If I had only one thing to say about NRHN it is that they are outstanding in every aspect. I am truly glad to be here."

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Paul Cleworth

"I was able to put the wedding ring on my wife myself!” (About his wedding held at NRH Pease during his stay with us). "

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Sam Gattinella

"“If this was a restaurant I’d give it 5 stars. They all make sure you’re 100% so you can meet the world again."

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Christopher Tarasco

"I have 100% gratitude to the rehab team here. I wouldn’t be going home if it wasn’t for this rehab team.”

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Diana Nicholas

"Thank you to all the amazing and beautiful people at NRH for helping me reach my goals."

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Romaine Giarrousso

"The therapists here are really something! They all exceeded my expectations. Immediately, I felt at ease and right at home with them."

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Flossie & Al Obie

Flossie & Al Obie

"Every day, I'd come in and she was that much better. She came out of there with a positive attitude, and it's because of this place and the people."

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Luz Rivera

Luz Rivera

"Give them a try - I'm sure you won't regret having chosen this place."

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Karen Bergeron

Karen Bergeron

"My mother always came out stronger, healthier, and mentally happier."

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Lillian Tarr

Lillian Tarr

Former inpatient, home care, and outpatient at Northeast Rehab.
Current Peer visitor

"I liked having a team of therapists that I could count on. They made me work hard to get myself out of here. In fact, they worked my entire family."

Fred Lospennato

Fred Lospennato

Former inpatient and outpatient at Northeast Rehab

"I told them I wanted to go to the best place there is. They sent me to Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital."

Charles D'Agnese

Charles D'Agnese

Former inpatient and outpatient at Northeast Rehab

"I passed at least 10 options for physical therapy on my way to Northeast Rehab, but my experience here was worth the travel time."

Evelyn Charest

Evelyn Charest

Former inpatient at Northeast Rehab

"I've been here a few times so it's just like home. They work hard here and they always go the extra mile."

Alex Cote

Alex Cote

Former inpatient and outpatient at Northeast Rehab

"I love everyone here and I thank everyone for making things possible for me. Northeast Rehab has allowed me to see beyond today's challenges and into tomorrow's possibilities."

Amanda Lawrence

Mother of Amanda Lawrence

Pediatric Outpatient at Northeast Rehab

"The people here are amazing. They make therapy fun instead of work. Amanda often doesn't want to leave because she is having so much fun."

Jose Amaury Ayala Rivera

José Amaury Ayala Rivera

Outpatient at Northeast Rehab

"Los terapistas aquí logran milagros, y como resultado, yo estoy caminando de nuevo."
("They perform miracles here, and as a result, I'm now walking again.")

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