Features: Animal Facilitated Therapy

Pet Care Consultation

Animal Facilitated Therapy

An Animal Care Specialist is available to provide Pet Care Consultations for a patient and family to discuss ways to make caring for the patient's pet easier when they go home.  At Northeast Rehab, we recognize the importance of the human-animal bond, especially in a person who may be dealing with a stressful health situation

Services include:

  • Discussing and problem-solving any pet concerns prior to discharge
  • Accompanying the therapists and patient on a home visit, as needed
  • Providing resources for dog training, dog trainers, places to purchase food and supplies, groomers, and other businesses with good accessibility for seniors or persons with disabilities
  • Assistance with placing the pet in a new home before discharge from Northeast Rehab

For more information on the Northeast Rehab AFT Program and volunteer opportunities, please contact us at 603-893-2900.

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