Dr. Caroline Sizer on the 12th World Conference on Brain Injury

Tim Lison and Dr. SizerWe asked Dr. Caroline Sizer, Medical Director of our Brain Injury Recovery Program to tell us about her experience at the International Brain Injury Association Conference where she and Tim Lison, PT are presenting.  Read more about the presentation.

“So, Tim and I are at the 12th World Conference on Brain Injury for the IBIA in New Orleans, LA. It has been an eye-opening experience, as the attendees at this conference range in discipline (from survivors, caregivers, to therapists and doctors) and nationality (USA, UK, Australia to India, Czech Republic, and Russia to name a few).”

Brain Injury Survivor mask“All of these people are brought together for a single purpose of information-sharing to help improve the lives of those with brain injury. One of my favorite exhibits, however, was the display of the masks made by brain injury survivors from all over the USA from the ‘Unmasking Brain Injury Project‘. This project proves particularly powerful, because so often Brain Injury is considered an ‘invisible injury’. It gives survivors an outlet to show others what it is like under the ‘mask’ of appearing normal on the outside, but struggling on the inside.”

Watch a short video of Dr. Sizer as she talks about her perspective on brain injury recovery.