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We offer outpatient programs for all types of acquired physical and developmental disability at our many convenient locations.
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Industrial Rehab

Industrial Rehabilitation is the treatment and prevention of work-related injuries. . It is a specialty field within the scope of practice of physical and occupational therapy.

Just as every sport has different physical demands, every job has its own set of tasks and demands. At Northeast Rehab, we believe that every injured worker should have a specialized plan of care that considers the work environment in which they were injured and to which they will be returning.

Work Conditioning Program

Our work conditioning program is designed for those patients who have been injured on the job and are not ready to return to work at their full capacity. The appropriate patient can also include someone who has returned to work at modified duty, but may benefit from further training and conditioning in proper body mechanics for lifting, carrying, overhead activities, stooping, crouching and other simulated work activities. The program is a transitional bridge between acute rehab and work.

Who can benefit from the Work Conditioning Program?

  • A patient who has reached a plateau in their rehab program
  • A patient who has low pain level but continued deficits in strength and activity tolerance
  • A patient who has successfully completed their regular course of therapy but has been out of work for an extended period of time and needs help preparing for return to the physical demands of their job

Click here to download a brochure for more information about our Work Conditioning Program.

For more information about Northeast Rehab's Industrial Rehab Program, please call our Industrial Rehab Dept. at 866-923-0220.

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