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This is an 8-week yoga-based exercise program for individuals with movement disorders due to stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’ Disease or multiple sclerosis.

This comprehensive yoga-based exercise intervention program addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual related to management of movement disorders. Additionally, the program promotes self-awareness and self-healing with the guidance of a yoga therapy instructor.

Each successive week builds on a theme focusing on establishing flexibility, postural alignment and stability, musculoskeletal control, sensory integration, emotional awareness, relaxation and stress management.

If you have questions or would like to register for this program call (603) 501-5519.

Parkinson’s Wellness ProgramElder Man Exercising

This 7-week program provides exercise and education that will help individuals living with Parkinson’s disease manage their condition. This program was designed by expert Parkinson’s disease researchers from Boston University with the intent of being implemented into local communities.

This group meets twice a week for 1 hours each for a total of 7 weeks. The sessions include mobility exercises, speech exercises, functional activity, gait training and group discussions that are specific to Parkinson’s disease.

This program is offered throughout our network. Please contact us at (603) 681-3210 to find out about our next free screening for the program or to get further information.


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