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We would like to introduce you to David Grant, a traumatic brain injury survivor and former patient at Northeast Rehab.  In 2010, while cycling in Salem, he was struck by a teenage driver and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Says David,  “Northeast Rehab has been a critical part of my own ongoing recovery. From speech therapy early on, to our monthly support group, it’s been such a game-changer for not only me, but many others who are part of the local brain injury community.”

Over the last several years, he and his wife have emerged as advocates on a national level for those impacted by brain injury.

Several years ago, they founded the TBI HOPE network, now one of the world’s largest online brain injury support communities. Resulting from that endeavor came TBI HOPE Magazine in 2015.

This publication has been critically acclaimed as insightful, practical and an invaluable resource to those affected by brain injury. They now have thousands of subscribers worldwide.

We encourage you to subscribe to TBI Hope Magazine at his website or place an order online for printed copies at Amazon.  Additionally, we suggest you follow TBI Hope Network on Facebook.

Click here to view the May edition of TBI Hope Magazine.

Thank you, David for the invaluable work that you and your wife do for the brain injury survivor community.