Karen is celebrating her 30th year with Northeast Rehab!

Karen with singer Steven TylerWe would like you to meet Karen Condylis who is a Liaison Clinician for Northeast Rehab and is celebrating her 30th year with our organization. In her role, Karen meets with patients and families who are deciding which rehab facility they will go to for the next step in their recovery. We asked Karen about her experience as an employee at Northeast Rehab.

“The reason I have spent such a large part of my career at Northeast Rehab is the sense of commitment and family that I have felt.  I have been given so many opportunities at NRH and have learned so much.

And I love my job! I enjoy meeting patients and families and find it very rewarding to know I am helping them during a physically and emotionally challenging time and play a small role in their recovery.

I truly believe in the Northeast Rehab services I present to patients and families. I am a nurse first before being a marketer. I could never represent a company that I did not truly believe offered exceptional healthcare. I am proud to represent our talented team who care for patients with compassion, kindness and humor.

Over the course of my career here I have seen Northeast Rehab change quite a bit. Primarily, it has grown! It is no longer the small rehab hospital in rural southern New Hampshire that no one has ever heard of. Now we are a prominent healthcare provider treating patients from all over New England. Despite our growth I still feel the same sense of family that has kept me here all these years.”