I never hesitate to refer patients to Northeast Rehab!

We work with case manages, social workers and discharge planners at acute care hospitals throughout the region.   When they have a patient in need of rehabilitative care after illness or injury, they contact us to determine if Northeast Rehab is the appropriate choice for their next step toward recovery.

One of the local case managers shared her experience working with Northeast Rehab.

“I have been working with Northeast Rehab for two years.  If I had to choose one word to describe them I would say  “competent!”  The liaisons are very efficient and knowledgeable. For each referral I make, I get a quick response about their ability to accept the patient. If they cannot, they always explain why.  One of their most important strengths as an organization is their ability to take complex patients.

I feel that their reputation is the reason that patients and families choose Northeast Rehab.  It is well known that they work hard and have the ability to return patients back to the community at their highest possible level of function.

I never hesitate to refer patients to Northeast Rehab, especially patients who have survived a stroke or other neurological condition.”

 – A local Case Manager