“Simply put, there are genuinely nice people here.”

Our patient AnthonyWhen Anthony was discharged from a local hospital with a fractured ankle and two broken ribs, he just wanted to go home rather than to a rehab hospital.  After he was admitted to Northeast Rehab, he decided, against his doctors orders, that he didn’t want to stay.  However, his wife and our Dr. Laquer persuaded him to make an investment in his health and safety with a stay at Northeast Rehab.  Says Anthony,

“I am so grateful they persuaded me to stay.”

During his stay with us, Anthony was constantly impressed with the caring nature and responsiveness of everyone involved in his care.  “Simply put, there are genuinely nice people here.  The care here is 24 hours a day.  Three to four times a day an RN checks on me,  my two doctors visit once or twice a day and whenever I push my call button, an LNA shows up instantly. ”

Of his therapy sessions, Anthony noted that it was all about education and learning to be safe so as not to fall.  “It was a building block process to get me mobile and it worked.  Having 3-4 hours of therapy each day accelerated my recovery for sure. The sessions were custom built for me and filled with constructive criticism  that helped me become very independent.  They really cared about my progress.”

On the day of his discharge Anthony said he felt that the education he received on how to navigate daily activities and use adaptive equipment made him feel confident about his return home.  “They prepare you for going home and do not rush you.”

Anthony and his wife were so appreciative of his care that they gave a beautiful peace lilly to the staff.  Anthony was so impressed, once again, when the staff was so grateful for the gift; never taking the gesture for granted.

Anthony’s parting words were, “While I am not happy that I fell, I am happy for the special care I received.”