Meet our Home Care Patient Carol!

Northeast Rehab is committed to caring for patients

in the best setting for their recovery.

After discharge, some patients like Carol Rivard are not mobile enough to continue therapy at one of our outpatient clinics.

Home care is a great opportunity for patients on the road to recovery.  Patients admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital facility such as ours, may be ready to go home, however they may still need some help. Home care helps fill the gap between inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.  Home care services are offered at the patient’s home so that they can continue therapy after discharge. We offer nursing and rehab services like other home care providers, however, it is our specialty training and experience in physical, occupational and speech therapies that sets us apart.

This experience and training, in addition to Carol’s determination,  helped her regain her independence at home.

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Hear what Carol has to say about her experience with NRH Home Care.