Fred says, “My choice, as the patient, is to go to Northeast Rehab!”

Fred our PatientWhen Fred needed rehab after back surgery, he told his doctor, “My choice, as the patient, is to go to Northeast Rehab!” He knew exactly where he wanted to go because Fred had been a patient with us before.

Fred’s first impression upon arrival was that, “This place is immaculate! And it doesn’t feel like you are walking into a hospital – it just feels like a place that’s helpful.”

When Fred,  came to Northeast Rehab, he couldn’t walk and after only one week of rehab he is now walking 35 feet with a walker. “All of the therapy and medical staff are incredibly helpful and make you want to get better to go home to a normal life,” says Fred.

“This place is not only a rehab hospital, but a medical facility. I see my doctor every day and all my medical needs are met on-site.  When I needed a wound cared for, a wound specialist took care of me. And when I needed blood work done, a nurse drew my blood in the morning and results were back later that afternoon.”

About the teamwork he witnessed Fred said, “Everyone is there to help. When I needed medicine and couldn’t find my nurse, another nurse on duty stepped in to help.  And when I mentioned my television wasn’t working, in twenty minutes I had a brand new tv!”

In closing Fred, said, “Northeast Rehab is the best. They get people to walk out the door with a smile on their face because they have accomplished something very important.”

Good luck, Fred, in your continued recovery!