“The therapists understand how we’re a family and not just a patient.”

The Harding triplets sitting outsideLooking at these bright, smiling faces you would never suspect the challenges that these adorable children have overcome.

Madison, Cameron and Matthew were born at Tufts Medical Center in Boston at 25 weeks old. Needing special medical care, the children remained at the hospital for extended periods of time. Matthew was the first to come home after three months and Madison came home on oxygen after six months. Cameron needed a tracheostomy and split his first twenty-five months between Tufts and Franciscan’s Hospital for Children.

The kids have been coming to Northeast Rehabilitation for about five years. All three have received occupational therapy and Cameron still receives physical therapy.

Says Mom, “We love the staff at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital! Since there are three children, not all of them receive therapy at the same time. The therapists understand how we’re a family and not just a patient. We’ve become friends with many different therapists, administrative staff and people from the culinary department. The kids look forward to seeing their friends here. It makes the medical aspect of our visits, much easier.”