Meet Arthur Demers, Spinal Cord Injury Survivor

“ I can tell they all really care and I will be forever indebted to them all.”

Arthur had been experiencing paresthesias (a burning or prickling sensation in hands, arms, legs or feet) for several years.  Most recently he suffered from increased numbness, tingling and foot drop which resulted in frequent falls.

Upon admission he needed maximum assistance with all Activities of Daily Life (ADL’s), transfers, and bed mobility. Sometimes, he required two people to assist him. Arthur was wheelchair dependent, had low endurance/strength and pain management issues.

At discharge, Arthur is now independent with most ADL’s and is using a walker. He is also able to climb stairs with only stand-by supervision. Arthur now enjoys increased strength and endurance and has no pain issues. Before discharge, he went on a home visit accompanied by his therapists. This was very helpful to him and his family regarding safety and environmental adaptations needed to maximize independence in his home. Arthur feels he now knows more about body muscles, core strength coordination and balance then he knew previously despite his many years of running and coaching. Even his surgeon gave him a big smile and pat on the back at his follow-up visit for coming along so quickly with his recovery.

Arthur used humor to help him cope with all the challenges associated with his recovery. His fierce drive for independence motivated him and he was always looking forward to the next goal set before him. He even did exercises in his room between therapy sessions. He credits the staff at NRHN for their encouragement and positive attitude. They always made him feel comfortable, worked as a team and always showed they cared. The nurses and LNA’s responded quickly to all his requests. He also noticed the terrific communication from shift to shift. One nurse even took the time to always make him fresh coffee. Arthur’s therapists were professional, encouraging and always went the extra mile.

He knows it will be hard to leave the great team of people at NRHN and will certainly be back to visit. Arthur is going home with his family and he hopes to return to teaching high school, coaching and running.