Meet Donna and Learn About Her Rehab After a Bilateral Hip Replacement

“The therapists were caring but know how to push their patients for results.”

Donna had a bilateral hip replacement and was admitted to Northeast Rehab for her rehabilitative needs. Upon her arrival, she needed assistance with activities of daily living including getting in and out of bed, grooming and dressing. Getting around was also a challenge as Donna could only walk ten feet with assistance. Additionally, due to safety concerns, she needed to be supervised and assisted whenever she
was standing.

Through Donna’s hard work and the guidance of her rehab team, initial estimates of two weeks of therapy was reduced to one. Within
one week Donna was fully independent with the use of adaptive equipment and felt safe and confident to go home and return to work. She attributes her accelerated recovery to the team approach between the medical, physical therapy and occupational therapy staffs. “This place is
amazing”, says Donna. “I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to go to rehab.”