Meet Jeff and Hear About His Recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury

One full year after a traumatic brain injury, I am thrilled to be back to my previous job as a software engineer, on a full time basis. I first returned to work slightly under six months after my injury, at 60% of full time. I attribute my rapid return to work to the great attention and therapy I received at Northeast Rehab. While there I received speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, and staff were always encouraging, caring, thoughtful, and observant.

A high point for me came when I was being assessed for release. Staff had an activity where I would choose a food to prepare, then they would accompany me to a supermarket, where they would observe as I navigated the market, selected ingredients, made my way to the cashier and paid for the food. Then we all returned to the hospital where I prepared the food up to the point of going into the oven. Staff then took over. But we all got to enjoy the outcome: some delicious warm apple crisp! Apparently I passed: no one got food poisoning, and I was release the next day.

Forty days earlier, I had entered the Manchester Elliot Hospital unconscious, following a bicycling accident. After ten days in the ICU, I moved into a private room in the 7th floor Northeast Rehab unit, within Elliot. When I first arrived, I could not walk and had difficulty swallowing. The care I received was excellent and instrumental in my rapid recovery. To this day I am amazed that I was released only thirty days later