Meet John, a Stroke Survivor

“This is the place to be to get better”

Upon his return from vacation in Aruba, John developed a strange feeling in his left lower extremity and lost control of its movement.  As he experienced these symptoms, he collapsed but managed to reach his cell phone and call for help. This was a very frightening experience for John and he was glad he was back home from his trip when his symptoms developed.  John went to the acute care hospital and was diagnosed with a stroke.

Upon admission, John needed assistance with all activities of daily living (ADL’s), transfers and ambulation.  He was only able to walk 8 feet with the aid of a walker.

During John’s stay his pain improved and he was able to regain independence in ADL’s, simple home management tasks and was walking 120 feet with a walker.  He also participated in our Stroke Passport Education program to help increase his understanding of his diagnosis and of safety and prevention strategies to promote good health.

He returned home with follow up OT and PT for continued ADL training, home management, stair training and progressive gait training.  John commended the staff here calling them “exceptional”.  He felt all of them worked as a team to make everything as comfortable and supportive
as possible during his stay.

John is glad he decided to come to Northeast Rehab based upon recommendations from friends.  The high intensity of the therapy services he received greatly supported his recovery and return home.