Meet Rose and Hear How Our Staff Was Key to Her Recovery

“After 4 days in the hospital & 2 weeks in rehab I went home Friday 2/19. I could not have done this without the nurses & LNA staff. They have a hard job to say the least. I thought my job was taxing. I will never go into that profession to be a nurse on any level is a true job of grace and endurance.

But I do believe I owe most of my recovery to the PT & OT staff there. Every day (but Sunday) for 3-4 hours they came to work with me. On my first full day here (Saturday) they came to introduce me to the schedule and staff, I am not lying to tell you I threw up and passed out in the wheel chair. I thought I would never see them again, but they came back on Monday!!

I cried, but most days I was positive and had them laughing with my sarcasm and stories. By the end of my stay here I began to feel like Cliff, from the bar in the show Cheers. I would roll into the gym or go down the hall and people would wave and say hi. It was quite comical, they began to say I was like a celebrity. Lol I guess I can make friends everywhere.

There is a saying on the door in my room that I saw everyday “Believe you can and your halfway there”. Well I tried and it was the therapist who believed at first not me, I just believed them. Now I am walking alone and home.

At 49 years old I can’t believe I needed these children to get me back on my feet. But I know I will never forget the staff here or the 5 people in this picture!! Thank you.”