Reese and Crystal – A Winning Pair

Pediatric patient and her therapist
Reese started coming to Northeast Rehab when she was almost two; she had yet to walk without help. Pediatric rehabilitation was recommended and Reese started her recovery journey with us.

“Without a clear diagnosis, treatment to promote motor skill attainment can be tricky as you  try to determine what will and will not work,” said Crystal Yule, Reese’s physical therapist.

“Reese and I began working together in the pool, and I realized for a girl with such a little body, she had a huge personality. She was going to be calling the shots!  At first, Reese wasn’t always excited about therapy as she seemed afraid of walking. She knew that is what we would work on.

I spent time developing a relationship with Reese, so she knew we would have fun. But, she also knew she would be expected to work. As she began to trust me, and I learned to let her maintain some level of control, she became progressively more excited about therapy.”

With lots of hard work in the pool, Reese gained the strength and control to walk without help, but she was still apprehensive.

Pediatric patient and her therapist“She then transitioned to land where she was challenged more and her walking progressed.  She consistently makes gains in physical therapy. Nowadays, she loves coming for therapy. Once she gets here she immediately runs into the gym and can’t wait to get started. Reese is now jumping, climbing stairs, walking forwards, backwards and on all sorts of different terrain without difficulty or fear. I laugh so hard during our sessions that I think I have more fun than she does!”

Reese’s Mom said of her daughter’s experience at Northeast Rehab, “Reese loves Chrystal and we are so lucky to have her!

We’re proud of our youngest patients’ success and we’re amazed every day at their determination and ability to overcome obstacles. It is a privilege and an honor to work with such heroes.

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