Community Parkinson’s Wellness Program

Parkinson's Wellness ProgramOur Parkinson’s Wellness Program helps you continue living an independent life!

Exercise may benefit people living with Parkinson’s disease. It can improve walking, balance, strength and quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Based on these findings, we began offering a group exercise program created by Boston University Medical Center that tracks how exercise can help people with Parkinson’s reduce falls and improve overall confidence and mental well-being.

This intensive exercise program includes mobility exercises, cardiovascular exercises, functional activity, gait training and balance training specific to Parkinson’s disease.

Emphasis is placed on posture training and power in order to promote increased amplitude movement and ease of everyday activity.

If you are looking for a fun, exciting and challenging exercise program to improve your mobility and function, come join us! This program is offered at our Salem and Portsmouth locations. The group runs two times per week for six weeks at our Portsmouth location and two times per week for nine weeks at our Salem location. Each session is 90 minutes long. It is run by a trained physical therapist or occupational therapist along with a rehab aide. A screening is required to ensure your physical and cognitive appropriateness to participate in a group setting. The screening is at no cost.

The total cost is $195 for our six-week program in Portsmouth, NH, or $290 for our nine-week program in Salem, NH.

For session times or more information, please contact:

  • 603-681-3210 at our Salem, NH location
  • 603-501-5520 at our Portsmouth, NH location

For your continued growth and support, we also offer Parkinson’s support groups.