ImPACT Sport Concussion Testing

Kids playing soccerImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussive Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a computer-based testing program that measures reaction time, verbal and visual memory and other cognitive skills. It is designed for athletes 10 years old and older.  A baseline ImPACT, taken prior to any head injury, establishes an athlete’s specific scores. If a head injury does occur a repeat test is compared to the baseline to objectively evaluate the concussed athlete’s post injury condition and track recovery for a safe return to sport. Neuropsychologist and neurologist consults are available if indicated and each tested individual will receive our Return from Concussion Playbook to take home.

If an athlete has not taken the baseline ImPACT test, the program uses programmed norms as a comparison. While this normative data can be used successfully, they do not replace the value of a specific athlete’s baseline scores.

The BESS (Balance Error Scoring System) provides a method of assessing static postural stability. This also can be used to assist when making a safe return to play decision following a head injury.

The combination of both the baseline ImPACT and the baseline BESS can give all athletes piece of mind, knowing if they do get injured they will have the tools available to assist their physician, in returning them to their sport safely.

ImPACT with BESS testing services – ImPACT Testing Clinic Services Price List .