Healthy Lifestyles

Child looking at apple and cookiesHealthy Lifestyles is a specialty program  designed to help children make smart choices when it comes to their health.

  • Assist children with overweight or obese conditions to attain improved well-being and a healthy lifestyle
  • Assist children without known weight issues to enhance overall wellness
  • Assist families of children with unhealthy lifestyle tendencies to understand the importance of activity and nutrition as well as assist in the implementation of family lifestyle changes for overall health

The program is led by physical therapists, fitness experts and dieticians to encourage healthy eating habits and healthy activity levels for children and families. Healthy Lifestyles runs year-round with new programs enrolling every six weeks. The program meets two times per week for six weeks (after school) at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital located at 70 Butler Street in Salem, NH.

For more information, call 603-681-3230. This program requires a physician referral and physical therapy evaluation/follow-up visit (billed through your insurance).

The cost to participate is $120 for each six-week session and applicable co-pays for physical therapy evaluation/follow up.