Home Care Medical Social Work

Medical Social Worker with FamilyMedical Social Work- Individuals who have experienced a major change in their lives after an illness or injury very often need the care provided by our medical social workers. Medical social workers help patients and their families manage life crises and focus on improving their mental and physical well-being. In this instance, our medical social workers work with you from the comfort of your home.

Our staff will start by assessing the patient for any psychosocial problems that they may need help with. Our staff will determine what psychological, social or financial problems a patient is having due to their medical condition.

After assessing the patient’s needs, the medical social worker will intervene as needed. Assistance will vary depending on the patient’s needs. For example, some patients may need help connecting with services in their community, such as a homeless shelter or drug treatment support. Other patients may need help understanding their medical condition and navigating everything involved with their illness or injury. Our medical social workers also provide patient education on treatment options and help coordinate services as needed.