Neuro Yoga

Neuro yoga is a yoga-based exercise program for those with movement disorders due to stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and more. It combines the benefits of a neuro-recovery program and yoga practice to help you feel more at ease in your body and mind.

What is Neuro Yoga?

This comprehensive yoga-based exercise intervention program addresses your physical, emotional and spiritual states related to management of movement disorders. The program also promotes self-awareness and self-healing with the guidance of a yoga therapy instructor. Each successive week will build on a theme focusing on: establishing flexibility, postural alignment and stability, musculoskeletal control, sensory integration, emotional awareness, relaxation and stress management.

For more information about class schedules and cost, or to register, please contact the following locations:

  • Salem, NH:  603-681-3210
  • Portsmouth, NH: 603-501-5520

What Neuro Yoga Students are Saying

“Northeast Rehabilitation  Hospital Neuro Yoga is a place that inspires strength and well being. From the moment you get to the door you are welcomed into a space filled with serenity. The Northeast therapists have created a warm and nurturing environment for their students. Some of us have done Yoga for several years, others have never tried it;  but we all find we leave the class feeling so much better than when we went in.” – Elizabeth Gosselin