Sports Medicine Ancillary Services

Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation:  We can provide individualized physical therapy, occupational therapy and aquatic therapy rehabilitation services.

Sports Injury Clinics/Screenings: This service is provided for athletes to be assessed by a physical therapist or athletic trainer. For scheduling purposes, we ask that the athlete place a courtesy call prior to their need for an appointment.

Coach & Athletic Education:  Our athletic trainers will provide educational programs for coaches, parents, health classes or the general public. Some suggested programs are:

• Prevention and care of athletic injuries
• Nutrition for athletes
• Concussion education

Speakers Bureau:  We offer a Speakers Bureau which is prepared to present on a number of topics, including all aspects of sports medicine.

Isokinetic Testing:  All of our clinics have access to state-of-the-art isokinetic strength testing to establish a strength baseline that can assist in monitoring the progress of an athlete.