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We offer outpatient programs for all types of acquired physical and developmental disability at our many convenient locations.
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Visiting Hours:

Visits from family and friends are encouraged at Northeast Rehab. Children should be supervised at all times. Our visiting hours are daily until 8:30 pm. To ensure safety, visitors may not take patients off the hospital campus without the approval of a physician.


Free and ample parking is available at the hospital facilities.

Television and Telephone Services

There is a telephone at each bedside (the phone is yours to take home with you at discharge) from which patients may make free local calls. Long distance calls are charged to the patient directly through the telephone company. A pay phone is also available in the main lobby area.

There is a television for each bed with access to a wide variety of network programming.

Internet Access

Patients who would like to access our high speed internet service simply need to bring their own computer with a network access card. In addition, there is a computer with internet access in a public area on each nursing wing for patients to use.

Food and Nutrition Services

The Food and Nutrition Services department specializes in providing a wide range of delicious foods each day. Your visitors are welcome to join you for meals in the cafeterias located at our hospitals in Nashua and Salem.

Flowers, Mail and Newspapers

Any mail or flowers received for you will be delivered daily. Newspapers are delivered to patients daily and for the convenience of visitors, there are newspaper machines located in the main lobby area.


A hairstylist is available in the facility by request. This is an independently contracted fee-for-service we arrange for the convenience of our patients.


Northeast Rehab does not offer in house laundry service. Patients must make arrangements to have their clothes laundered.

Electrical Appliances

Patients may bring in their personal items such as blow dryers, electric razors, etc. We do require all items be inspected by a member of our Maintenance Department before use for safety reasons.

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