Occupational Therapy

Man getting help bakingOur Adult Occupational Therapy services work with you and your loved ones to help you recover from injury and illness.

Occupational therapists work with patients and their caregivers to improve an individual’s ability to perform everyday activities with greater ease, satisfaction and independence through education and physical and/or cognitive interventions. Occupational therapy is recommended when symptoms arising from cognitive issues, fatigue, or physical impairment make it difficult for an individual to perform:

  • Activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, grooming, driving, self-feeding and toileting
  • Home management tasks: preparing meals, cleaning or doing laundry, managing medication
  • Work-related tasks: typing, dialing or manipulation requiring fine motor skills

If you are experiencing decreased independence with self-care as a result of fatigue, memory or concentration impairments, or physical decline, ask your doctor how an occupational therapist might help.