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Gary is driving again thanks to NRHN

Behind the Wheel: Northeast Rehab Driver Rehabilitation.

Meet Our Patient, Reginald Lavigne

and learn about his recovery from a stroke.

Fred our Patient

“My choice, as the patient, is to go to Northeast Rehab!”

What's Happening at Northeast Rehabilitation

Wendy getting her diploma
This is a day for celebration for Wendy who is ready to go home.  She has been away from home for three months while she was treated at a local acute care hospital and then transferred to Northeast Rehab for her rehabilitation needs. Wendy made amazing progress with us.  When…
We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our Home Care service area to better serve those patients who need rehab and skilled nursing services at home. Call 603-681-3500 for services in communities not listed in the yellow coverage area on the map as we can often accommodate patients…
The Harding triplets sitting outside
Looking at these bright, smiling faces you would never suspect the challenges that these adorable children have overcome. Madison, Cameron and Matthew were born at Tufts Medical Center in Boston at 25 weeks old. Needing special medical care, the children remained at the hospital for extended periods of time. Matthew…
Marathon Sweep Team
Aimee Montminy, one of our Athletic Trainers, was a member of the medical Sweep Team at the Boston Marathon finish line where she and other team members tended to runners who needed care after the race.  What a great way for Aimee to put her talents to work for these…