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Gary is driving again thanks to NRHN

Behind the Wheel: Northeast Rehab Driver Rehabilitation.

Meet Our Patient, Reginald Lavigne

and learn about his recovery from a stroke.

Fred our Patient

“My choice, as the patient, is to go to Northeast Rehab!”

What's Happening at Northeast Rehabilitation

Olivia has considerable muscle weakness and decreased tone in her arms, legs and trunk which makes it difficult for her to participate in many activities like other children her age.  The Amtryke will give her the opportunity to increase her strength while enjoying age appropriate activities.  Her big sister couldn’t…
In early June, a six-alarm fire left dozens of Mass. residents without clothing, food, and shelter. To survive, Lawrence fire victims needed the help of the community. “The fire destroyed three buildings on Bennington Street and five others on Bennington and Saratoga streets. Causing an estimated $1 million in damages.”–…
Lena and her rehab staff
Lena came to Northeast Rehab on January 1st after surviving a traumatic brain injury resulting from a serious automobile accident in November of last year.  Her condition was further complicated when she had a stroke after the accident. As part of her recovery plan, Lena participated in several of the…
Marathon Sweep Team
Aimee Montminy, one of our Athletic Trainers, was a member of the medical Sweep Team at the Boston Marathon finish line where she and other team members tended to runners who needed care after the race.  What a great way for Aimee to put her talents to work for these…