Spine Therapy

Low back pain and neck pain are some of the most common conditions treated in the country. In fact, almost 1 out of 3 Americans reported back pain in the past 3 months. Physical therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for spine pain and can also be an effective alternative to opioid medication and surgery. At Northeast Rehab (NRHN), our team of specially trained physical therapists will provide you with the treatment and knowledge to eliminate your pain, improve your strength and get you back to the activities you love.

All of our NRHN therapy locations have physical therapists who can help you achieve your goals, but we also have several locations that specialize in the treatment of neck and low back pain. These locations are known as our ‘spine centers’. The physical therapists at our spine therapy centers all have specialized training in orthopedic manual skills and spine therapy that makes them among the best in their field. They combine years of experience with a unique skillset to help our patients achieve optimal outcomes in a short period of time. Our spine therapy centers are located in:

Contrary to popular belief, prolonged bedrest or inactivity can be more harmful than helpful for those with spine pain. Low back and neck pain respond best when treated early with physical therapy, including hands-on techniques and prescribed exercise.

Our trained spine therapy experts determine movements and positions that promote healing and educate you on others to avoid. Overwhelming evidence has demonstrated that early intervention, including specific types of mobility, are best to alleviate pain and help patients resume normal activities as quickly as possible.

Some of the specialty services that are offered at our spine clinics include:

To find out if spine therapy could help you or to make an appointment to be seen by one of our spine therapists, please call 888-950-9939.