Inpatient Amputee Recovery Program

Amputee patient getting fitted with prostheticLosing a limb is never easy. You must deal with the physical as well as emotional implications the come with limb loss. Every person also responds differently to the loss and the recovery.

Our Amputee Recovery Program has been recognized as a Center of Excellence that meets the various needs of patients and their families following the loss of a limb. Our program provides services throughout a patient’s plan of care including inpatient, outpatient and home care.

We Specialize in Amputee Recovery

We strongly believe that our patients deserve high quality, compassionate care. Northeast Rehab has earned Amputee Specialty Certification from the Joint Commission for our commitment to providing the highest quality care to our patients through the use of only evidence-based therapies.

In order to meet the unique needs of patients recovering from the amputation of a limb, we have specially trained staff to manage the physical and emotional needs of each patient.  Our therapists are continuously trained in the latest advances and use of various methods and devices to achieve a functional residual limb.

Dr. CarangdangDr. Elizardo P. Carandang is the Program Medical Director for the Amputee Recovery Program at Northeast Rehab Hospital.

Our staff also include certified rehabilitation registered nurses (CCRN).  Patients and their families can feel confident in their rehab nurse’s level of expertise.


Specialty Therapy and Pain Management Services

We use specialized services and therapies to support patient recovery.

  • Amputee Clinic for patient education and introduction to prosthetic services
  • Onsite Prosthetic Clinic—patients and families appreciate the convenience of receiving prosthetic services at the hospital during their stay. This allows for seamless delivery of a custom device which can be adapted as needed while they progress through their rehab.
  • Mirror therapy for phantom pain management
  • Specialized pain management services

Patient and Family Support

  • Patient and family education series
  • Peer visits by others who have recovered from an amputation
  • Psychological counseling to provide consultation in pain management, adjustment to body image and lifestyle changes and relaxation training
  • Connections to community support groups for those who have experienced an amputation and their family members