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Bioness®, Inc. NESS® H200™


When a person suffers from a stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury, partial or complete loss of forearm and hand functional control can dramatically impact their quality of life. Northeast Rehab is excited to offer a treatment modality that can help. The NESS® H200™, made by Bioness®, Inc., is a device that has a remarkable impact when used in combination with a functionally based rehabilitation program.

For some patients, the NESS® H200™ will improve the functional control of the impaired hand. For other patients, use of the NESS® H200™, along with neuromuscular re-education and rehabilitation, often results in improved hand function. Functional gains made in the clinic with the NESS® H200™ can continue to be made at home through a device rental or purchase program offered by Bioness®, Inc.

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