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Nintendo® Wii™

Nintendo Wii

NRH therapists are including the Nintendo® Wii™ as part of their treatment plan for some patients. The Nintendo® Wii™ is a video gaming system that directly involves the player in the game. The player is required to move their body and the game controller in active ways that can challenge their balance and coordination.

A physical therapist (PT) can use the Wii™ to work on balance, strength, general mobility and safety.

An occupational therapist (OT) can use the Wii™ to work on eye-hand coordination, following directions and increasing endurance/strength in the arms.

A recreation therapist can use the Wii™ to assist in redevelopment or development of recreation activities to address all areas of function that PT, OT and Speech addresses in their sessions utilizing the Wii™. It is an activity that is a great change of pace for patients and can be changed to meet the needs of the patients by increasing challenges as they improve.

A speech therapist can use the Wii™ to work on cognition, memeory, attention to task, ability to follow directions, and visual perceptual impairments.

We have had nothing by positive and enthusiastic responses from patients of all ages and diagnosis!

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