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Learn about our partnership with Krempels Center in Portsmouth, NH which offers quality programs and services that contribute to new life after brain injury. Click here to view their video.

Northeast Rehab has been awarded a specialty certification in Stroke Rehabilitation from The Joint Commission.

Northeast Rehab has been awarded a specialty certification in Brain Injury Rehabilitation from The Joint Commission.

Click here to view our Brain Injury Program Mission Statement and scope of services.

Brain Injury

Northeast Rehab's Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Northeast Rehab's Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program strives to meet the complex needs of patients and their families looking for a rehabilitation program following their brain injury. Northeast Rehab's approach is built upon decades of experience in improving functional outcomes while focusing upon quality of life.

Northeast Rehab believes that the patient and family are the central focus of the assigned team of professionals. The goal is to maximize recovery and assist in the re-entry to the community. This is done in a warm and friendly atmosphere, which encourages full patient and family participation.  Click here to view and download our Neurological Rehabilitation brochure.

Northeast’s approach to treating a patient with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Each patient receives treatment from a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team specializing in traumatic brain injury. The team works collaboratively with family members toward the patient’s goals. Therapists provide structured and organized treatment plans with the goal to preserve and optimize the patient’s physical condition while using evidence based practice. Our practice is driven by disease-specific clinical practice guidelines. Our staff members pay close attention the hospital environment and the way we communicate with each patient. When available, rooms with showers are used to promote independence with self-care and daily routines. Safety alarm systems can be used to ensure safety while allowing patients to safely move around the unit. A transitional ‘apartment’ may be used for a night prior to discharge to ensure safety prior to discharging home.

Brain injuries do not discriminate. They can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Our brain injury patients come from all walks of life. They may range from a senior who has survived a stroke to a teenager involved in a car accident. Meet Emily Jewett, an 18 year old brain injury survivor who received her injuries during a car accident. She is just one of many patients who have benefited from the expertise and care of our team. Click here to read Emily’s story.

Highlights of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program:

  • Special Programs for all levels of brain injury, minor to severe.
  • Neuropsychological evaluations
  • Our Medical Director, James A. Whitlock, Jr. MD., is board certified in neurology, has 20+ years of experience in brain injury recovery and is a published author in brain injury rehabilitation. Read about Dr. Whitlock’s work with the NH National Guard to develop a program to help brain injury professionals better understand the unique nature of brain injured soldiers.
  • Specialty Certification. Staff have achieved certification by the American Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists (AACBIS)
  • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists
  • Continuum of care: Northeast Rehab offers continuum of care from inpatient rehab, outpatient services, vocational rehab and homecare. We work closely with our community resources including the Kremples Center, NH/MA/ME Brain Injury Association, Northeast Independent Living, Granite State Independent Living, and skilled nursing facilities.
  • Education: NRH takes pride in educating our patient’s and family members. Our ‘Passport’ program is an educational series of discussions for families and other caregivers on various topics related to brain injury. Please contact us if you would like us to send educational DVD’s that provide more information on various topics related to brain injuries.

In addition, we offer many on-site services including: