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Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network.

Northeast Rehab has been awarded a specialty certification in Stroke Rehabilitation from The Joint Commission.

Stroke/Young Stroke: JointCommission Certification in Stroke Rehab FAQs

What is a Joint Comission Disease Specific Care Certification in Stroke Rehabilitation?

It is recognition of a stroke program that maintains high standards of excellence in the area of patient care, performance outcomes and national patient safety criteria.

Why did Northeast Rehab pursue this specialty certification?

We have always believed that we provide excellent care to all of our patients, including those with stroke.  We wanted to put our practices up against the high standards of the Joint Commission.  We are excited to learn that our practices live up to the Joint Commission's expectations.

We wanted to publicly acknowledge our commitment to excellence in the area of stroke rehabilitation.

How did Northeast Rehab achieve Joint Commission Disease Specific Care Certification in Stroke Rehab?

Northeast Rehab voluntarily invited the Joint Commission into the hospital to review our inpatient stroke program at our New Hampshire locations in Salem, Nashua, Portsmouth and Manchester. During the process, the Joint Commission reviewer interviewed patients and staff, observed clinical treatments, analyzed performance outcome data, and examined policies and clinical practice guidelines.  A major requirement for certification is that Northeast Rehab implement clinical practices that are well-supported by the current evidence.

Every year, Northeast Rehab is required to submit data and information regarding the stroke program.  Every other year, a Joint Commission reviewer will make an unannounced visit to Northeast Rehab to conduct another extensive on-site survey of the inpatient stroke program.

What does it mean for people who have suffered a stroke and their families?

Our stroke patients can feel confident that they are being treated according to the stringent standards of the Joint Commission.  The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval™ is a clear sign that we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients.  People in the community can see the short list of facilities that have achieved this distinctive certification by visiting the Joint Commission's website.

What are the highlights of your stroke program?

We work diligently to incorporate the latest in rehabilitation technology into the recovery program.  We currently use the Bioness® H200™ to help our patients regain use of their hand, the Lite Gait® to assist patients in relearning how to walk, and the Nintendo® Wii™ to work on improving balance and coordination.  Our therapists are constantly researching the latest pieces of technology in order to provide the most evidence based treatments for our patients.

Our program is focused on the patient's safe and productive return to the community.  In order to achieve this goal, the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists take the patients into the community for therapeutic outings and educate them on available resources.  They also arrange meetings between the patients and Northeast Passage at Northeast Rehab, enabling the patients to trial different types of adapted recreation equipment.

Northeast Rehab also provides Pet Care Consultations.  We have an Animal Facilitated Therapist who meets with patients and teaches them how to use their abilities and simple modifications in order to care for their pets.

Finally, Northeast Rehab is committed to educating both the patients and the community about stroke.  We hold regular education programs for our patients and include family and friends in discussions about stroke rehabilitation and stroke prevention.  We have also held a community health fair that focused on stroke awareness and healthy living.

If people have additional questions, where can they learn more about Northeast Rehab's stroke program?

They can call us at the Salem hospital at 603-890-2900 with any specific questions. 

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