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Sports Medicine

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Certified Athletic Trainer | Sports Certified Physical Therapist

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the community with direct access to the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries affecting all athletic abilities. We believe that it is not only important that an athlete understands his or her injury but learns how to prevent re-injury and returns to their sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Since 1985, we have been providing all levels of clinical rehabilitation services to the active members of the greater Merrimack Valley. Northeast Rehab has been involved in athletic training at many area sporting events since 1987. Our in clinic sports medicine rehabilitation services are spread over our many separate satellite locations. Sport specific rehab for a return to activities ranging from little league to dance, can be carried out at any of our outpatient locations.

"Northeast Rehab is always going above and beyond what is required to keep our student-athletes

healthy and safe!"

– High School Athletic Director

Our Core Services

Athletic Training Services - Our athletic trainers are available for your high school, university or regional athletic association. Currently, we provide services to a number of middle schools, high schools and colleges. All contracted schools receive the benefits of SportsWare Injury Tracking software which include valuable tools that athletic trainers can depend on daily.

ImPACT Sport Concussion Testing with BESS Testing - Designed for athletes 10 years old and older, ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussive Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a user friendly computer based testing program that measures reaction time, verbal and visual memory and other cognitive skills. A baseline ImPACT, taken prior to any head injury establishes an athlete’s specific scores. If a head injury does occur a repeat test is compared to the baseline to objectively evaluate the concussed athlete’s post injury condition and track recovery for a safe return to sport. Neuropsychologist and Neurologist consults are available if indicated and each tested individual will receive our Return from Concussion Playbook to take home.

If an athlete has not taken the baseline ImPACT test, ImPACT Inc. has developed norms that can be used as a comparison. While this normative data can be used they do not replace the value of a specific athlete’s baseline scores.

The BESS (Balance Error Scoring System) provides a method of assessing static postural stability. This too can be used to assist when making a "safe return to play" decision following a head injury.

The combination of both the baseline ImPACT and the baseline BESS can give all athletes piece of mind, knowing if they do get injured they will have the tools available to assist their physician, in returning them to their sport safely.

ImPACT Sport Concussion Testing with BESS Testing Serves - Price List

Ancillary Services

Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation - NRHN can provide individualized physical therapy, occupational therapy and aquatic therapy rehabilitation services.

Sports Injury Clinics/Screenings - This service is provided for athletes to be assessed by a physical therapist or athletic trainer. For scheduling purposes, we ask that the athlete place a courtesy call prior to their need for an appointment.

Coach & Athletic Education - NRHN athletic trainers will provide educational programs for coaches, parents, health classes, or the general public. Some suggested programs are:

• Prevention and care of athletic injuries

• Nutrition for athletes

• Concussion education

Speakers’ Bureau - NRHN offers a Speakers’ Bureau which is prepared to present on a number of topics, including all aspects of sports medicine.

Isokinetic Testing - All of our clinics have access to state of the art isokinetic strength testing, to establish a strength baseline that can assist in monitoring the progress of an athlete.

What is a.... 


Certified Athletic Trainer

A highly educated and skilled professional specializing in athletic health care. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, prevention of athletic injuries, recognition, evaluation and immediate care of athletic injuries, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries, professional development and responsibility, and health care administration.

Certified Athletic trainers have at least a bachelor’s degree and must pass a national certification exam. Once passed, they must then apply and receive state licensure.

Sports Certified Specialist Physical Therapist:

A Sports Certified Specialist Physical Therapist is Board Certified Clinical Specialist whose practice focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically-active individual.

Sports Medicine Division
Located at Cedardale Health & Fitness  931 Boston RoadHaverhill, MA 01835
(603)893-2900 x3570
FAX (978) 521-7158

James Whitlock, MD
Medical Director

Andrew Cannon PT, MHS, SCS, CSCS
Director of Sports Medicine

Jennifer Hogg, ATC, LAT
Coordinator of Sports Medicine Programs

For more information:
Please call 603-893-2900 x 3570 or
Email us at SportsMedicine@NortheastRehab.com

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