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Archived editions of Kid Biz newsletters are offered compliments of Northeast Rehab Hospital Network

Northeast Rehab's Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Program provides therapeutic outpatient services to infants, children, and adolescents with a wide range of orthopedic and neurological diagnoses. We provide comprehensive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy and when appropriate, our programs coordinate care among the different therapies needed.

Your child's rehab team will provide experienced pediatric assessment, education, therapeutic intervention and transition/discharge planning to ensure a fruitful life at home, in school, and within the community. Northeast Rehab offers high quality patient care in a positive environment.


Archived Editions of Kid Biz:

Kid Biz - Winter 2016

Kid Biz - Winter 2015

Kid Biz - Summer 2014

Kid Biz - Winter 2013

Kid Biz - Fall 2013

Kid Biz - Fall 2012

Kid Biz - Spring 2012

Kid Biz - Winter 2012

Kid Biz - Spring 2010 (4/22/2010)

Kid Biz - Winter 2010 (1/27/2010)

Kid Biz - Fall 2009 (10/21/2009)

Kid Biz - Summer 2009 (7/7/2009)

For more information about the Northeast Rehab's Kid Biz newsletters please call 603-893-2900 ext. 3230.

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