Choose Safe Care, Choose Us

High-quality safe patient care has always been our priority.

We continue to be extraordinarily vigilant with all of our infection prevention measures. Our foundation of exceptional practices has enabled us to quickly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and implement enhanced safety protocols recommended by the CDC, the Governors, and the Departments of Public Health for NH and MA. 

Our dedicated Infection Prevention Officer, who has been a member of our team since well before the threat of COVID-19, along with our in-house, full time physicians, have been guiding our COVID-19 response while our treatment team continues to care for some of the most vulnerable patients – individuals affected by strokes, brain injuries, limb loss, neurological conditions, and spinal injuries. 

More than anything we want to provide our patients with a safe environment so they can focus on their rehabilitation journey and rebuild their lives

When you choose us you are choosing safe care.

We screen for safety.


  • All individuals who enter any of our hospitals will be asked some simple screening questions.
  • Patients visiting our outpatient centers are screened at every visit upon arrival. New evaluations are also screened over the phone prior to booking an appointment and again upon arrival.
  • We have an employee illness policy specific to COVID-19. Anyone showing signs or symptoms associated with COVID-19 are not allowed to work. Employees must be screened through employee health in order to return to work.  
  • Patients at all four of our acute inpatient rehabilitation hospitals are tested for COVID-19 prior to being admitted and are evaluated daily for symptoms by our medical staff. 
  • Our Home Care staff conducts a telephone screening prior to every visit. Any patients that are COVID-19 positive are treated at the end of daily schedules. All clinical staff wear all appropriate PPE while conducting home visits.

We clean for safety.

Hand Hygiene

All staff and patients are required to frequently wash and sanitize their hands. Hand sanitizer is available at stations throughout our hospitals and outpatient centers. Our Home Care providers carry hospital-grade hand sanitizer with them.


All areas within our hospitals and outpatient centers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected following the most rigorous protocols. Surfaces used during therapy are cleaned after every individual use following these same protocols.

We protect for safety.


Staff and patients at our hospitals and outpatient centers as well as our Home Care specialists are required to wear a mask at all times while working.

Social Distancing

We have organized high traffic areas within our facilities to allow for the appropriate physical distancing and we are keeping patients 6 feet from one another. The equipment at our outpatient centers is spaced out to minimize contact with others and we are utilizing private treatment rooms for patients when appropriate or upon request.


  • We are welcoming each patient to have visitation / family presence at our four hospitals – Salem, Portsmouth, Manchester, and Nashua. Please consult with your Northeast Rehab Case Manager for specific details. You may also refer to the COVID-19 Updates page for additional information. 

  • We are also able to connect you with your loved one or a member of their care team using technology. Please ask about this option.

We are creatively using modern-day technology to keep patients connected with their loved ones and healthcare providers. 

  • At our hospitals we are providing visitation opportunities with family and loved ones using platforms such as FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, and Google Duo. 
  • If a patient needs to see one of their doctors during their stay with us we can make this happen using Telehealth. 
  • The rehab specialists at our hospitals can provide virtual video education to help caregivers prepare for their loved ones’ return home. Appointments can also be made for in-person education with therapy and nursing to ensure a safe discharge. Your case manager can help make these arrangements.

Protect Yourself and Your Community from COVID-19

  • Follow proper hand-washing tips. 
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze and immediately wash your hands. 
  • Keep 6 feet of space between yourself and others.
  • Wear a face mask properly, ensuring your nose and mouth are fully covered. 
  • Wash your hands after handling things such as door knobs, elevator buttons, and handrails. 
  • Keep your personal devices and items clean by regularly disinfecting them. 

We encourage you to seek care during this time. Please do not ignore symptoms that may be related to COVID-19 or another serious condition. While we hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy, we are here for you if the need arises. 

Choose Us. Choose Safe Care.
Together, we can make a difference.

We are committed to providing a safe environment where you can focus on your rehabilitation journey and rebuild your life. Thank you for trusting us with your care.