John Mullen’s Nashua Inpatient Experience

Brain Injury Recovery Stories inspire and awe us every day. They are one of the many reasons why we do, what we do.

John Mullen came to us two months ago after suffering from a cerebral aneurysm. Hear what he has to say about our Nashua Rehabilitation facility and the staff that make it so special.  Congratulations on going home John!

Update from John’s wife: “He was seen today back at the rehab for a follow-up with Dr. Tower. What a great day. All his therapists, nurses and aids gathered to see him. Love all of them. I wish I thought to take a pic while it was happening but I got caught up in the moment.
Dr. Tower is very happy with John’s improvement in the almost four weeks that he’s been home. He is very happy John is being assessed tomorrow and Thursday at outpatient therapy and wants to have therapy keep him updated on his progress… Absolutely so impressed with Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital. Can’t say enough about this place John called home for almost two months. Best Regards, Lisa Mullen

When a disabling injury or illness touches your life, recovery is your main concern. Since 1984, our staff has helped thousands of patients overcome their challenges and regain their independence.

Rehabilitation is about people connecting with people. It is actually a process of mutual inspiration. Our patients usually come to us in physical and emotional pain. To us, There is nothing more rewarding than to see how quickly they respond to the support of nurses, therapists and physicians.

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