A Special Gift for a Special Boy

Vraj riding his adaptive trykeVraj began attending physical therapy at NRHN many years ago, most recently attending therapy at the Northeast Rehab Tewksbury Clinic with Sarah Prime, DPT. Vraj enjoys coming to his therapies at NRH, especially riding the adaptive Tryke and bouncing on the big bumpy physioball. Vraj and his family have the goal for him to walk independently!

This fall Sarah attended an abilities expo and reconnected with a local Freedom Concepts Rep that specialized in adaptive bikes. Sarah was lucky enough to have a bike delivered at the Tewksbury Clinic to trial with many different children.  When Vraj first road the bike his face lit up and he smiled throughout his ride!  Riding the bike has been a treat for Vraj after all his hard work during his physical therapy sessions.

Vraj Gets a Bike

This winter Sarah entered a video contest with a south shore real-estate agent (Julie Etter) to win money towards a charity or a cause close to her heart.  Sarah sent in her 1 minute video telling Julie about the adaptive Tryke that Vraj loved and why he deserved one to further his leg strength to assist with walking!  Just before Christmas Vraj’s family was notified they were a winner and would be getting a Tryke in time for the nice weather.  With the money from Julie’s donation and the Stephen Baum Foundation Vraj is now the proud owner of his very own adaptive Tryke!  Vraj enjoys riding his Tryke with his Dad on Saturday and Sunday mornings!  Vraj’s family has noticed on the days he rides his Tryke his legs are stronger and he does better walking and standing!

Great job Sarah!  Learn more about our pediatric rehab therapy programs.