Inpatient General Services

Nurse and two patientsOur patients appreciate all of the onsite services and programs provided during their stay. A unique care plan is developed for each patient based upon his or her particular needs and goals.

Onsite Medical Services

Onsite services at Northeast Rehab means that our patients do not need to be transported to another facility.

  • Radiology/ultrasound services
  • Wound management
  • Onsite pharmacy, x-ray and lab services (vary by site)
  • Onsite brace clinic
  • Seating clinic
  • Psychiatry and neuropsychology services
  • A full array of medical consultation as needed
  • Spasticity management
  • Specialized pain management services

Specialized Staff and Tools

Patients who receive rehab at one of our hospitals are treated by staff who specialize in the rehab process. Our staff has access to tools that improve patients outcomes so they can go home sooner.

  • 24-hour care from rehabilitation nurses
  • Animal facilitated therapy and pet care consultations
  • Nintendo Wii therapy
  • A mobility park that provides an area to practice mobility over different types of ground surfaces found in the community
  • Driver evaluations: pre-screen and on the road assessments
  • Home evaluations to determine a person’s ability to manage at the highest functional level at home
  • Partnership in Northeast Passage to help transition individuals to home and the community through recreational resources training and access to adaptive recreational equipment
  • Therapeutic out trips into the community