Pediatric Orthotics

Child walking with orthoticsPediatric Orthotics & Prosthetics is a specialty within the medical field related to the design, manufacture, and application of orthotic and prosthetic devices. As orthotic is a device that supports or corrects the function of a limb, spine or the trunk. A prothesis is a device that replaces a missing body part.

At NRHN, we offer Pediatric Orthotics clinics conveniently at our Pediatric Outpatient sites. Our therapists will collaborate with a certified Orthotist to evaluate your child’s needs. se of pediatric orthotics in conjunction with therapy can help your child reach their personal goals at home and in the community.

Our Pediatric Orthotics clinic includes:

  • Evaluation and review of bracing options for each patient including daytime and nighttime
  • Education on use and wear schedules
  • Monitoring and maintenance of orthotics

Types of Bracing Include:

  • Lower Extremity Orthotics ie. AFO’s, KAFO’s, SMO’s, Sure Steps, Cascade/DAFO, Ultraflex, splints for toe walking
  • Upper Extremity Orthotics ie. wrist splints, thumb splints, Benik Splints, rotational straps and Ultraflex
  • Dynamic and Static options
  • Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis for backs/scoliosis
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Prosthetics
  • Helmets for Plagiocephaly

To learn more about our Pediatric Orthotic Program or to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric therapists, please contact us at 888-950-9939.