Work Conditioning Program

Patient getting work conditioning therapyThe work conditioning program at Northeast Rehab (NRHN) is designed for patients who have been injured on the job and are not ready to return to work at their full capacity. Work conditioning often follows a formal course of physical or occupational therapy. A doctor referral and workers compensation insurance/claim is required. NRHN’s program consists of 2-hour sessions, 3 times per week.

The Three Components of Work Conditioning at Northeast Rehab:

  1. Work Simulation / Lifting Tasks
    • This is the “core” of the program where patients are measured regularly for progression of goals to meet required job demands for lifting from multiple positions.
    • Work-specific activities like sustained overhead tasks, pushing, and pulling heavy sleds on level surfaces or lifting weighted dollies up and down a full flight of stairs is progressed appropriately, with an emphasis on body mechanics and proper lifting techniques to improve safety and efficiency. Ladder climbing, kneeling tasks, one and two-handed weighted carries are other activities that are measured and progressed to meet the specific demands of a person’s job.
  2. Cardio/Endurance Training
    • This portion of the program ensures that the individual is not only able to return to work, but that they will be able to tolerate a full workday and workweek, as is required by their employer.
  3. Therapeutic Exercise
    • Prescriptive and targeted exercises are also an important component of the Work Conditioning Program at Northeast Rehab. Exercises are specifically designed and chosen to strengthen key parts of the body that are necessary for successful return to work.

The Work Conditioning program at Northeast Rehab provides services to:

  • Machinists/operators/assemblers
  • Delivery truck drivers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Healthcare professionals and first responders: nurses, CNAs, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, police officers
  • Mechanics, plumbers, roofers
  • Carpenters and painters
  • Labor workers/maintenance workers/prison guards

To find out if you would benefit from Work Conditioning by our trained therapy team, please contact us at 888-950-9939.