Work Conditioning Program

Patient getting work conditioning therapyOur work conditioning program is designed for patients who have been injured on the job and are not ready to return to work at their full capacity. The program can also include someone who has returned to work at modified duty, but may benefit from further training and conditioning in proper body mechanics for lifting, carrying, overhead activities, stooping, crouching and other simulated work activities.

Patients can benefit from the work conditioning program if they:

  • Have reached a plateau in their rehab program
  • Have low pain level but continued deficits in strength and activity tolerance
  • Have successfully completed their regular course of therapy but have been out of work for an extended period of time and needs help preparing for return to the physical demands of their job

Our work conditioning program has three components:

Work simulation/lifting tasks, which includes activities such as:

  • Floor to waist lifting/waist to overhead lifts
  • Push/pull weighted sleds and dollies
  • Travel up and down ladders, stairs
  • Work simulated tasks

Therapeutic exercise, which is specific to patient’s deficits upon ongoing evaluation and assessment, specific weight bearing or compensatory patterns. Appropriate patients include:

  • Machinists/operators/assemblers
  • Delivery truck drivers
  • Health care professionals
  • Firefighters/police officers
  • Mechanics
  • Warehouse workers

Cardio/endurance, which includes activities such as:

  • Three components of cardiovascular training 20-30 minutes
  • Bike, treadmills, steppers, upper body ergometers
  • Applied throughout duration of visit to build patients return to work pacing demands