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Northeast Rehab has been awarded a specialty certification in Stroke Rehabilitation from The Joint Commission. Northeast Rehab has been awarded a specialty certification in Amputee Rehabilitation from The Joint Commission. Since 1984, our expertise, focus, and compassion have helped to guide thousands of adults and children.
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Northeast Rehab's Amputee Recovery Program

Northeast Rehab's Amputee Recovery Program is a Center of Excellence that meets the needs of patients and their families following the loss of a limb(s.

Northeast Rehab believes the patient and family are the central focus of the assigned team of professionals. The goal is to maximize recovery and assist in re-entry to the community. This is done in a warm, friendly atmosphere, which encourages full patient/family participation.

Highlights of the Amputee Recovery Program include:

  • A highly skilled treatment team that addresses the medical and rehabilitation needs of patients recovering from a limb(s) loss
  • Expert Prosthetic Services on-site to follow the patient through the three stages of recovery: pre-prosthesis, temporary prosthesis, and permanent prosthesis. They work directly with the full continuum of services (Inpatient, Home Health Care, Outpatient) in order to provide continuity in recovery
  • Specialized Pain Management Programs and Services

In addition, we offer many on-site services including:

  • 24-hour Certified Rehabilitation Nurses experienced in caring for individuals recovering from limb loss
  • Therapists specializing in limb loss recovery
  • Education specific to limb loss recovery
  • Psycho/social services providing consultation in pain management, adjustment to body image and lifestyle changes and/or relaxation training.
  • Community re-entry services that can include:
    • Peer visitations by other individuals who have recovered from amputations
    • A Mobility Park that provides an area to practice different types of ground surfaces found in the community
    • Driver Evaluations/Pre-Screening and On-the-Road assessments
    • Home Evaluations to determine a person's ability to manage at their highest level of function at home
    • Partnership with Northeast Passage to help transition individuals to home and the community through recreational resource training and access to adaptive recreational equipment
    • An on-site Support Group

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