Pain Management Team

Our Pain Management Team has created a healing and supportive environment for you. We believe that by blending physician and nursing clinical care we can help to relieve your pain by focusing on your individual health. This begins with us understanding your symptoms and goals.  Your first visit is a consult. During this appointment you’ll meet with a medical assistant, physician and nurse who speak with you about your experience with pain. We will collectively coordinate your care and work hand-in-hand to implement your personal pain management plan. Our dedicated team also includes X-ray Technicians and Administrators. We communicate directly with your primary care provider by sharing our clinical notes, plans and treatment progress with them . It’s important for them to have this information as they continue to guide your health and wellness. Together, we can all respond to your overall health needs and considerations.

Pain Management Team

We appreciate the opportunity to care for you and are committed to creating an environment where you feel comfortable and supported from the moment you come for your consultation through your treatment and beyond.

Members of Your Team

As the longest operating pain management clinic in the Merrimack Valley and southern NH, our dedicated Pain Management Team offers experience and expertise that is unlike other organizations. We have helped thousands of patients diminish their pain and realize a better quality of life. We are a family, and our patients are like family to us.


Bennett Kramer, MD, is the lead physician and Medical Director of our Pain Management Clinic. He is Harvard-Trained and Board-Certified in Anesthesiology. His 5-star Google Business rating is a testament to his caring nature and expertise. Dr. Kramer will meet with you at your initial consult and throughout your care. He works closely with Nursing, the Medical Assistant and X-ray Tech’s throughout your care.

“I want you to know that I am here to answer your questions, to understand the source of your chronic pain and to collaborate with you to define a plan that achieves your goals and helps you achieve a better quality of life,” said Dr. Kramer. “We strive to identify the most minimally invasive approach to help you achieve lasting results while hopefully avoiding surgery.”


RNs and LPNs are a critical part of your care team. They have built their expertise in pain management while helping thousands of patients achieve a quality of life that brings joy and meaning to their days. As a result, they have a keen awareness of patient needs. They are able to anticipate and respond to different circumstances that can arise during your care journey. Our nurses are with you before, during and after any procedure. They also meet with you during every appointment. They know what questions to ask you and they welcome your questions at any time.

X-ray Technicians

Our X-ray technicians use advanced technology to capture precise images that Dr. Kramer and the team use to target and treat your chronic pain. They have extensive experience achieving intricate detail in these images and are able to capture them while being mindful of your comfort.

Medical Assistant

Beginning with your consult and at each appointment you will meet with our bi-lingual (English and Spanish) Medical Assistant. She will check you in, ask you questions about your history with chronic pain and take your vitals. All of this is an important part of understanding your overall health and personal experience with chronic pain.


Our top-notch team of administrators understand that you have turned to us because chronic pain is affecting your life. They work hard to secure insurance authorization, schedule your appointments and answer any billing questions.


We provide in-person translation services for Spanish and have partnered with an experienced translation service to provide translation for all languages through a video chat.

To learn more about our Pain Management services, please call 603-681-3140.

To schedule an appointment, ask your physician’s office to contact our office to initiate your referral request
OR fax a referral to our office at 603-681-3154. Please be sure to include the necessary information.

Once we receive this, we will contact you to schedule an appointment and explain what to bring to your first appointment.