Adult Physical Therapy
The work conditioning program at Northeast Rehab (NRHN) is designed for patients who have been injured on the job and are not ready to return to work at their full … Continue reading "Work Conditioning Program"
Our Wheelchair Evaluations are available for anyone who has the need for a wheelchair or scooter. This includes individuals who need a wheelchair for the first time, or someone who … Continue reading "Wheelchair Evaluations"
Patient tossing ball for therapy
The vestibular therapy program at Northeast Rehab provides therapy to individuals with any number of conditions, including vertigo, dizziness and BPPV. Our certified vestibular therapists provide a comprehensive evaluation to … Continue reading "Vestibular Therapy"
We offer comprehensive speech therapy and language services for both adults and pediatric patients. Our staff has the experience and clinical knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat a wide range of communication disorders. … Continue reading "Speech Therapy"
Physical therapy addresses the illnesses or injuries that limit a person’s abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. Our physical therapists use an individual’s history and … Continue reading "Physical Therapy"
Young boy sitting in chair
Having a child experience difficulty with bowel/bladder control can be an emotional situation for both the parent and child. It is often difficult to understand the dysfunction as a parent … Continue reading "Pelvic Floor Therapy"
Patient in kitchen setting table
Occupational therapists help people of all ages (from newborns to older adults) who have an illness or disability to do those things that are important and meaningful to them such … Continue reading "Occupational Therapy"
A modified barium swallow (MBS) is an x-ray test designed to determine the cause of a swallowing problem, and whether food or liquid is entering a person’s lungs, also known … Continue reading "Modified Barium Swallow"
Patient receiving lymphedema therapy
Lymphedema is an abnormal collection of high-protein fluid just beneath the skin. This swelling, or edema, occurs most commonly in the arm or leg, but also may occur in the … Continue reading "Lymphedema Therapy"
Child getting hand therapy
Northeast Rehab’s (NRH) hand therapy program is a specialized form of hand occupational therapy that helps patients take control of their symptoms and prevent chronic conditions. Many hand or upper … Continue reading "Hand Therapy"
The Graston Technique (GT) is a treatment option for anyone suffering from restrictive scar tissue, which may have developed after injury or surgery. Graston therapy is a type of instrument-assisted … Continue reading "Graston Technique and IASTM"
Patient using the Bioness H200 to regain hand function
The Bioness H200 Wireless is a neuro-prosthetic device that uses functional electrical stimulation (FES) to activate the nerves that control the muscles in your hand and forearm. This device can … Continue reading "Bioness H200 Wireless"
Patient recieving Anodyne therapy
Anodyne therapy is an innovative noninvasive, painless therapy that uses infrared light for the treatment of pain, numbness and decreased circulation as a result of peripheral neuropathy (weakness, numbness and … Continue reading "Anodyne Therapy"
Stroke Patient with Therapist
Whenever possible, the American Stroke Association strongly recommends that patients with a stroke diagnosis be treated at an inpatient rehabilitation facility rather than a skilled nursing facility. At an inpatient … Continue reading "Stroke Rehabilitation Center"
Northeast Rehab’s Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program provides comprehensive acute inpatient rehab and medical management to meet the needs of those who have had a spinal cord injury due to … Continue reading "Spinal Cord Injury Inpatient Rehabilitation Center"